Body Shape & Swimwear

Do you love swimwear shopping? Regardless of if you find swimwear shopping enjoyable or not, you have come to the right place. We are here to either help if you have any doubts or make it even more fun!

There are so many choices for swimwear with different trending styles, patterns, and varying product quality. So, where should you start when swimwear shopping?

A great place to start your shopping journey is with a tape measure. Knowing your dimensions is critical in understanding two very important characteristics which will help in finding the perfect swimwear:

  • your overall size category
  • your body shape

It’s a really good idea to know your measurements or have them written down, as sizing changes between brands, depending on their manufacturer. We can’t stress this enough; you really don’t want your swimwear to be digging in all the wrong places or retrospectively falling off either. Once you know your measurements and size, you’ll be in a better position to understand your body shape. There are 5 main body shape categories that we use:  

  1. Rectangle (H-Type or I-Type)
  2. Oval (O-Type)
  3. Triangle (V-Type)
  4. Inverted Triangle (A-Type)
  5. Hourglass (8-Type or X-Type)

By knowing your body shape, you can start to understand what styles may be flattering on you. From our perspective there is no preferred body shape, as humans we are all unique! Our brand is about understanding, accepting, and then shopping based on your knowledge. Although, we cannot promise that you’re going to look exactly as you envisioned, we can promise to help you become a conscious shopper and have realistic expectations of your purchases. You may also start thinking about wearing styles you have never worn before. Sometimes, going with the old and faithful isn’t always the best option out there for you.