About Us

Sswim Apparel 

The Story Behind The Brand

The sswim brand has blossomed though passion for the sun kissed shores during the summer, the sound of soothing waves, the smell of the ocean air and vibrant curls in salty hair. The brand is inspired by the unique form of diverse bodies. The minimalist styles celebrate unique shapes and focus on sculpting bodies by creating balance. Thoughtful yet simple is the philosophy.

We are challenging the idea self-comparison and the ideal body. Sswim from day one is practising body acceptance and encourages a neutral focus on body image. Every body is unique and some parts we love and others we may not feel 100% satisfied with. By accepting ourselves inside and out we can live a fun, rich and fulfilled life.

A Message From The Founder

"My name is Georgia and I'm ecstatic to be able to develop amazing products for every body! I am extremely passionate about assisting you in feeling your best, confident and accepting self in your swimwear.

I have always been passionate about body image, but the birth of my two girls has encouraged me to be further conscious of the evolution of self-comparison (especially though social media). This has motivated me to try make a difference."